TORONTO | LIVE tomas has records on FORCE INC (Germany), including his LP "Sequins," then there's ALIEN 8, where he has another album called "Variants," and SUBSTRACTIF, where he has yet another album called "Immaterial." Finally, he's got 12"s on KLANG. He produces minimal techno and minimal house but will be playing LIVE a set of punchy minimal house and techno that is destined to make you get down like you wished you lived in MONTREAL. Check Tomas out here.

advance tickets here   minimal      techno / house      quirky dancefloor minimal

phone 604 657 6709 day of to get location info or email us. 10pm-? tomas is on at 2am.

Vanilla Shake

march 29th, 2002

Tickets are $10 at the door.

don't miss this shit. wake up and get out there 'cause you're running out of time.