Plug Research, Force Inc. - SF/Berlin - LIVE

...the second to last show on the West Coast..., technoWest - San Francisco - LIVE

FEBRUARY 09 2001 : VIDEO-IN 1965 MAIN ST. 10pm-2am?

Kranky, Involve - Van. - LIVE

Sonic Groove - NYC -DJ

$12 @ DOOR - $10 adv: email

<ST>, targetcircuitry - Van - DJ

Vancouver - DJ


-Visuals by ssiess - Installation art by Olo J. Milkman, Esq. -

Cost will be $12cdn at the door because we are bringing you the X-MAX soundsystem so you can enjoy the shit with a full rack of aural pleasures and because we are bringing in two artists and this will be expensive. What is this shit?

This is far more beat oriented than Kim Cascone, but way different than Jetone. SAFETY SCISSORS, aka Mathew Patterson Curry, is a SF technohead who, when not wanking off in Cologne or Japan, spends his time with people like Sutekh, Twerk, and Joshua Kit Clayton. He likes the dub and the deep and he's good enough to have an album out on Plug Research. Some of you may remember him djing at Chaos Theory with Sutekh back in 1999. Most of your probably won't. He's  going to play live but we are going to let him DJ a bit too as he is a motherfucker on the decks, and he plays sweet house and he is sexy with cool hair and all the girls and guys will love him and he will become a sex icon for the minimal techno laptop jetset. This is  music for the Milk Bar in A Clockwork Orange—if Stanley Kubrick was Jamaican. We love MPC and we look forwards to him rocking the Video-In once again with another cheap show that just continues to show how much we can rock it here in Vancouver, and although we're smaller than Montreal, we can still throw it down and show them bigwigs that people here can dig it with two hands and a shovel, if not the aid of a John Deere. Anyways, MPC has played at Mutek (Montreal) and Sonar (Barcelona) and all over Germany and he is doing this for cheap. So show up and drink the cheap drinks.

SUTEKH is a moody minimal techno master who produces insane dark electro, stripped down minimalism, and noisy SF techno beats. He's the real shiznit and runs his own label, He's worked with Safety Scissors as a duo in the dumb dub techno project MORON but is famous for his dark progeny of strange techno and electro releases that sound nothing like anyone else. He's constantly moving from the minimal and experimental tip to dubbed out bassline goodness. Like MPC, he's a certified gelato addict. He's also a technoWest member from waaay back and you all should know his name by now., so don't miss this Dude.

Oh, right. LOSCIL is a local guy who produces incredible dub techno and he will just be back in time from touring Europe with Panamerican, a side project of Labradford, to perform with us. He's got an EP out on Involve and an album out on Kranky and works at the Vancouver Art Gallery. JOHN BURKE married the nice girl who designs the MEC logos and stuff and he moved from NYC where he worked for Frankie Bones's Sonic Groove and dj'ed at Bones's parties and all that. He's more steeped in Detroit than anything on the West Coast. It practically drips off of him. So catch it before the rain washes him out for good. CONSTRUCT is the world's most educated electro dj and TOBIAS is an insurrectionist wanker.