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<ST> // booked under technoWest
vancouver british columbia canada
techno/minimal/tech/deep <dub>haus

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west coast artist collective
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target circuitry

c o n c e p t

main focus: providing new and often unsettling sounds to startle the listener and to make them question the music and the intents behind it.

do not believe: in “playing rekkids” -- utilize the full art of dee-jaying to create a musical soundscape out of the vinyl tools.


tobias hails from vancouver, B.C., canada, where from an early age he took interest in musik. Seven years of classical Suzuki violin training led himto an interest in disc jockeying where he rotated music for highschool dances and skating rinks. In 1989, tobias discovered CiTR 101.9FM, UBC's radio station, and was exposed to the non-commercial underbelly of techno and house as well as the industrial workings of Vancouver artists Skinny Puppy and contemporary minimalism from the likes of Phillip Glass, Steve Reich, John Cage and Brian Eno. He pursued musik until he was brought to his first rave in the early 1990s where his entire perspective changed about what could be done with musik and the environment. From then on he has been spinning records with an emphasis on experimental techno, electro and minimal forms of house and dub. tobias went on to found Shrum Tribe in 1995 as a collective intent on creating "gesamkuntswerk" environments and musikal experimentation. <ST> took on a political edge, developing into “musikal resistance” as a response to the police crackdown on raves and art events in Vancouver, and became dedicated to providing a location for collisions between theory, politics and art.

In 1997 tobias took over as host of LimpSink on CiTR 101.9FM, a late night talk show focused on surrealist radio, caller interaction, and live dj sets. tobias also hosted the Drum N'Space show, and created noiz-r, a live noiz show featuring local artists. In 1998 he quit the radio shows to focus on his duties as President of CiTR. In June 1999, tobias produced the mini-doc series Manifestations, focusing upon the history of manifesto-led techno-resistance. In 2000, after two years of presidency, tobias returned to his roots as the CiTR Nooze Director. 2001 rolled along and tobias shifted gears at CiTR, starting a column in Discorder magazine called “Panarticon,” focused on art and politics, and a show called “Particle ” featuring experimental electronic music. Several of tobias’ audioart pieces and multimedia projects were also commissioned by the CBC. 2001 also saw the launch of target circuitry, an online radio show with ben nevile.


tobias has dj'ed gigs from Vancouver to Eugene to San Francisco to Seattle to Edmonton to Calgary, Victoria, Squamish, Portland, Whistler, Nanaimo, New Orleans and wilderness in between. He has shared the decks with Algorithm,Kim Cascone, Oliver Ho, Mike Shannon, Jetone, Jarrko, Lotus, Marc Virgil, Carlos Miguel, Masa, Harmonika, Sutekh, Safety-Scissors, Pauze, Kit Clayton, Tyler Stadius, dub gnostic, Fishead, Shaggy, Jess, Brahman, and Christoph Fringelli; and live acts Perkowitz, Perfume Tree, Jamiroquai, Jacob London, Q, Rotor, Emmetropik, Math Genius, Veloce, Drop Modulation, Lo-Phat Hi-Fi, Sci-FiWitchdoctor, Cid + Eric, Jacob London, Randy Jones, Cobblestone Jazz, Musikill, Foolish Bird, Phil Western, Ben Nevile and Hecaet; working with B-Side, Joy Scouts, Cloudfactory, Together 604 Network, TeamLounge, HQ Communications, Mediacore, and X-Max.


tobias continues to impress participants in his musikal deconstructions as he plays with journeys from the very hard realms of hard minimal techno with cut-ups and tricks to the layerings of tech-house, sparse dub and the Detroit electro-funk to the tension of the carefully constructed minimal mindset. tobias is currently producing in the studio with sometimes-partner ssiess and working on subversive musikal performance art projects, audio-art and musikal compositions. tobias is also involved in various writing and multimedia projects including freelance work for the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and Discorder ‘zine. Among  other occupations: a freelance multimedia photojournalist, guerilla situationist, dj & musik producer, academic phantasmatician. Last seen: pursuing a dj & musik career, involved with CiTR 101.9FM, producing a zine, working on a degree, and writing. He likes manual typewriters, minimalism, detroit techno, black squares, almond tea and driving fast.

subtlety. minimalism. form and emotion  resistance. subversion. preparation.

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